Kitchen Backsplash Designs Ideas

Modern Kitchen Backsplash Designs

Kitchen Backsplash Designs Ideas – A splash guard protects the wall of your kitchen sink spray or splashes when cooking on the stove. While boards are traditional tile, we can design a backsplash using any material that provides a protective barrier and easily cleaned. Choose a color scheme to your kitchen backsplash designs. Look at the walls of your kitchen and appliances and other accents such as a framed picture, clock or pots and pans you have on screen. Choose between one and three colors to use in the dashboard design that coordinate with the colors already in your kitchen. Measure the area behind the… Continue Reading

Choosing Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Country Style kitchen ceiling lights

Kitchen ceiling lights have a dual function: to illuminate and decorate. Thus, before choosing this type of aesthetic complement to our home, we can choose between different decorative styles, among which are: Each of them, with features, forms and particular colors can generate different kitchen ceiling lights and atmospheres in decoration. For example, with a light classical or rustic ceiling give this room a sober and elegant touch. Besides the type of decoration chosen, keep in mind that each room or room requires a type appropriate to the type of life that it is going to do kitchen ceiling lights. Therefore, the decision when purchasing… Continue Reading